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TrustVault is the insured, user-friendly custodial wallet platform for institutional-grade security, automation and management of cryptoassets.  At rest or in motion, we make it safer, faster and easier for institutions and individuals to safeguard and administer cryptoassets across blockchains, DeFi and exchanges.  

Cryptoassets supported
Ethereum Bitcoin ERC-20 BNB Rune BEP-2 NFT XDC
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Crypto Custody and DeFi


Whether you're an institutional or individual investor, broker, exchange, payment service provider, corporate or token issuer, we speak your language.

Experts in banking, cryptography and fintech, we offer solutions for institutional cryptoassets by safeguarding private keys and administering any digital asset financial transaction through our custodial wallet platform, TrustVault. Use our built-in applications and web services or build your own—TrustVault works the way you want and need. 

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Institutional Investors

For asset managers, crypto hedge funds, family offices and venture capital funds looking to quickly support new tokens, earn yield on tokens with DeFi support or protect assets on exchange.

Service Providers

For crypto brokers, crypto exchanges, banks, corporates, lending and cryptocurrency trading platforms, liquidity, payment or staking providers looking to protect clients' assets with secure, compliant crypto custody.

Token Issuers

For private placement token issuers wishing to remove barriers to purchase with end buyers and streamline treasury management.

Individual Investors

For new and experienced investors wanting a user-friendly, secure wallet service to send, buy, receive and hold new tokens as well as major cryptoassets like BTC and ETH.


For multinational and evolving corporations looking to add Bitcoin or other crypto assets to their balance sheet to hedge against inflation. 

Institutional Investor? Watch This First

From bank-grade security to DeFi Firewalls and Compliance Webhooks, find out why TrustVault is safer, faster and easier for funds operating in crypto markets. 

TrustVault Platform


TrustVault underpins everything you need to deploy, scale and manage private keys and wallet accounts securely on-chain, on-exchange and across DeFi protocols.

TrustVault Platform by Trustology

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Securely hold cryptoassets and efficiently handle any financial transaction on Bitcoin, Ethereum, Xinfin or Binance Smart Chain blockchains. Tap deeper liquidity or leverage margin opportunities with our DeFi integrations.  Better still, start staking ETH and earn interest. Our blockchain custody and wallet services ensure institutions receive a scalable, secure solution at an affordable price point.


Easily transfer cryptoassets across crypto exchanges or between your off-chain accounts and TrustVault on-chain wallets with safeguard controls.  Streamline inter-exchange transfers, treasury management and mitigate risk.


TrustVault DeFi wallet
DeFi Services

DeFi Security and Access

Trustology offers you more ways to securely connect and access the full range of decentralised finance (DeFi) protocols at a lower cost and with any custom rule you need. Through our bespoke integrations, we bridge the gap between safe custody and DeFi DApps. Support your strategies 24/7 across decentralised exchange (DEX) trading, collateralised and uncollateralised lending, borrowing, staking and DeFi yield farming. 

What you can do:

> Secure any Ethereum DApp transaction with our WalletConnect and MetaMask extensions or our APIs.  

> Store NFTs or securely access NFT marketplaces

> Report across all your DeFi wallets anytime, anywhere

> Sweep digital assets into interest-bearing accounts

> Apply custom rules—DeFi Firewall

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High Yields Ahead!

New Voyager DeFi Fund Is a First of Its Kind Secured by Trustology's Institutional Custody Platform.

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What We Support

Chains, assets and exchanges supported

As a custody provider, we support Bitcoin, Ethereum, Xinfin and Binance Smart Chain blockchains and major assets and exchanges used in today's crypto markets. Ethereum compatible Layer 1 and 2 networks are now supported by TrustVault—Binance Smart Chain, Avalanche, Polygon Matic and more. 

Currencies supported

Binance BNB
Binance BEP-2
NFT Full

Exchanges supported


Safeguard Cryptoassets, Proxy Transactions.

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We’re backed by the best



ConsenSys is a global organisation building the infrastructure, applications, and practices that enable a decentralised world.

"When it comes to crypto wallets, hot is the new cold. Industrial-grade security, but available to anyone. This is the kind of user experience breakthrough our industry has been clamouring for."

Joe Lubin

Joseph Lubin

Founder, ConsenSys
Two Sigma

Two Sigma Ventures

Two Sigma Ventures is an early-stage venture capital fund investing in transformative companies harnessing information growth and computing power to change the world.

"We believe that a hot-storage solution with strong security and programmable controls is necessary to develop a larger, institutional trading ecosystem around digital assets. With their extensive backgrounds working at major financial institutions at the intersection of blockchain, technology, and product development, this is just the team to build it."

Matt Jacobus

Matt Jacobus

Venture Partner, Two Sigma Ventures
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A Platform you can trust

TrustVault is powered by the world’s most secure hardware and software designed to safeguard private keys and protect digital assets from loss, destruction, theft and fraud, whilst providing the flexibility to transfer instantly, anywhere. Learn more about our award-winning platform that keeps your keys bank-grade secure but always available.

FStech awards 2020
The Fintech50 2018 awards
Global Custodian 2019 awards
Lattice80 award
cityam awards
europas 2020

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Cryptoassets supported
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