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2021 Roadmap to Institutional Adoption in Crypto Markets


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Guide to Streamlined, Risk-Free Institutional Cryptoasset Trading 

Examples of mainstream institutional adoption in crypto markets in 2021 continue to abound.  From global banks such as Goldman Sachs, Fidelity and Bank of New York Mellon bucking the trend to dozens of corporations like Microstrategy and Tesla now holding bitcoin on their treasury balance sheets in the billions as a reserve.  Bottom line, however, is that whilst crypto is rife with opportunity, it is still an immature market full of complexity and risk.  Engaging at an institutional level requires specific core infrastructure and “rules of engagement” to be in place to do so. It is easy to lose your assets or fall foul of regulation if you don't know what you are doing.

In this four-part blog series, three veterans from capital markets, banking, blockchain and fintech who are crypto converts themselves, offer a simple step-by-step guide as to how traditional brokers and startup crypto brokers can balance opportunity versus risks. Find out how to bridge the best of two worlds of finance and avoid potential pitfalls and difficulties when contemplating exploring this new asset class.

Series Breakdown:

    • How to connect to liquidity to buy cryptoassets: “The Crypto Gateway” 
    • Where and how to secure and store cryptoassets: Choosing the Right Crypto Wallet and Infrastructure
    • How to eliminate counterparty credit and settlement risk: Clearing and Settlement
    • How to think ahead: Get Ready for a DeFi and Technologically Innovative Future

Key Takeaways:

    1. Navigating the blockers - regulation, trading infrastructure, payments methods and credibility
    2. Managing 1000s of transactions across 1000s of private keys with no compromise to speed, scale and security
    3. Overcoming counterparty credit and settlement risk - one of the biggest impediments in crypto markets
    4. Tapping DeFi innovation for yield 

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