Institutional Custody for DeFi dApps

Access the innovation of DeFi, from the security of an institutional-grade custodian

Decentralised finance (DeFi) opens the doors to unique opportunities to maximise returns through borrowing, lending, staking, and trading. However, the ecosystem is lacking in custodial wallet solutions that are user-friendly and compliant. Designed with the individual in mind, today's custody solutions are not regulatory compliant, and force institutions to make a dangerous tradeoff between security and accessibility. Trustology’s insured crypto custodial wallet takes the pain away.

TrustVault for DeFi

Institutional-grade security

Sign transactions and securely interact with DeFi protocols via MetaMask, without exposing your private keys to the risk of loss.
Group 1462

Automated Governance

Customise smart contract transaction policies with whitelists, multisig, and compliance controls to meet regulatory requirements.
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Real-time balance views

Stay ahead of the market with live account balance updates, and instant push notifications to help you track and rebalance assets as needed.
Crypto Custody

TrustVault for NFTs

TrustVault is the AML compliant platform that makes it safer, faster and easier for institutions to both ’hold’ Ethereum-based NFT assets with an end-to-end hardware secure infrastructure and ‘work’ the tokens harder in DeFi with a secure and adaptable end-user experience enabled by its web, mobile and API interfaces.

TrustVault for Crypto Custody
TrustVault MetaMask
Secure Access

TrustVault for MetaMask

As the first and only custodial wallet to integrate with MetaMask, TrustVault lets institutions and individuals securely interact with DeFi dApps from a browser, desktop, mobile app or through APIs to lend, borrow or trade with your private keys protected by institutional-grade security and insurance. Combined with our new DeFi Firewall solution for smart contract transactions, institutions can now safeguard smart contract transactions with granular controls and rules such as allow and deny lists. To get started using TrustVault for MetaMask, follow the steps below.

01. Download the TrustVault app

TrustVault app

02. Get started with TrustVault with MetaMask

Secure Access

TrustVault for WalletConnect

WalletConnect is now enabled for use with Trustology’s custodial wallet platform, TrustVault. The facilitation marks a further enhancement to its TrustVault + MetaMask integration giving both institutional and individual users more flexibility in accessing DeFi DApps.

TrustVault WalletConnect

TrustVault DeFi Reporting Service

Get all the details on your DeFi transactions on Ethereum in one view and report. Institutions get the benefit of supporting better end-of-month reconciliation and reporting for easier compliance. The level of detail captured in our report is a first to market so try it out now. We are constantly expanding the supported DeFi projects daily, use the talk to us link below if you have one you would like us to add or want to chat to us about improving the report features.

TrustVault DeFi Reporting

Maximise returns, manage risk, and make the most of DeFi protocols with easy and secure access and automation.

Whatever your institutional financial goals are, there’s a DeFi protocol to support you with Trustology as your custodial wallet partner.

  • Lending

    Earn interest

    Bypass the banks and earn interest with blockchain based peer-to-peer lending by simply depositing stablecoins or cryptocurrency. Then monitor the loan-to-value (LTV) ratio with built-in alerts.

    Projects and platforms:
    Aave, Compound Finance, Dharma, Oasis
  • Staking

    Earn money through your money

    Generate profit by committing cryptocurrency to the network, without setting up a complex staking operation and risking slashing penalties. Through TrustVault, you can focus on getting the best rate by outsourcing staking to the most effective provider.

    Projects and platforms:

    Attestant, Consensys Codefi, Binance Rocket Pool, and Staked

  • Trading

    Take a position in the market

    Assess the landscape of liquidity across the entire crypto market, and route orders to get the best execution for your spot, arbitrage or margin trading plays. Whether you choose to trade on a centralised platform or with a peer-to-peer protocol, TrustVault secures your keys and keeps you updated on trades with instant alerts and push notifications.

    Projects and platforms:
    Airswap, Kyber swap, Uniswap, Fulcrum
  • Keeping pace with Defi

    Trustology has partnered with Coinscrum to deliver a monthly DeFi video podcast featuring leading thought leaders, experts and executives in the DeFi ecosystem alongside key institutional market participants. Watch the latest Coinscrum segment on Bringing Compliance to DeFi featuring the Founders and CEOs of Blockpass and EasyFi.

    Many people may think that decentralized finance (DeFi) and know-your-customer (KYC) standards are not compatible. They would be mistaken. Protocols must include the capability to run as DeFi but also potentially with KYC along with know-your-transaction (KYT) included