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The custodial wallet for everyone

Access, transfer and store your cryptoassets safely from the convenience of your mobile phone. TrustVault is the secure, user-friendly cryptoasset custodial wallet designed for everyone.

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  • Bitcoin
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All supported cryptocurrencies

Transfer from anywhere

Move and manage your cryptoassets in real-time, 24/7 from your mobile device.

Private Key

Never lose your private keys

Lost your phone? Our recovery team is here to get your account up and running again.


Get extra protection

Our Premium and Platinum plans include insurance of your cryptoassets.

Instant Transfers

Send and receive instantly

Go beyond cold-storage security and safely send and receive cryptoassets without needing to carry around a hardware wallet. TrustVault processes your transactions in under one second whilst keeping your private key fully protected.

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  • Supports:
    • Bitcoin
    • Eth
    • Erc

    All supported cryptocurrencies
    Instant Transfers
    Secure Storage
    Secure Storage

    Keep your private keys locked

    Our three-stage signing process ensures your keys are locked to your identity. You create transactions — we validate and sign them on your behalf with your safeguarded private key.

    • Segregated accounts

      Segregated accounts

      Your cryptoassets are always stored in your own segregated accounts, not ours.

    • Transparent management

      Transparent management

      We can never touch your wallets and your balance is visible at all times.

    • Industry-leading security

      Industry-leading security

      Your private keys are safely kept within our secure global network of HSMs and data centres.


    Account Access Recovery

    Never lose your private keys

    With TrustVault, your account access can always be recovered. If you misplace your phone, just download TrustVault on your new device, contact our recovery team and complete an ID check to get your account back online quickly.

    How Account Access Recovery works

    "When it comes to crypto wallets, hot is the new cold. Industrial-grade security, but available to anyone. This is the kind of user experience breakthrough our industry has been clamouring for."

    Joseph Lubin

    Founder, ConsenSys


    Human support, whenever you need it

    Need a hand? Our support team members are here to answer your questions, troubleshoot technical issues and take care of your account recovery with a smile.


    The wallet that keeps getting better



    Programme your cryptoassets such that it can only be transferred to certain approved addresses. Define a list of wallet addresses that you and your team are able to send, receive and transfer from as an extra measure of security.



    Access Ethereum enabled decentralised applications (dAPPs) with ease and security using your private keys. Sync your TrustVault custodial wallet with MetaMask to sign and verify transactions.



    Advanced multi-signature transaction authorisation for better governance and security over your assets.


    Family controls

    Secure your digital inheritance. Apply controls that ensures continued management, access and succession of your wallet accounts with family members.

    Need to know something?

    Rapid support & recovery

    Our customer support team are available to troubleshoot app errors and provide account recovery assistance.

    • How much does TrustVault cost?

      Individuals and businesses holding cryptoassets worth under £1,000 can sign up to our free plan. For anyone holding cryptoassets in excess of £1000 we offer monthly or annual subscription plans that range from £2 to £4 a month for our Individual Account plans and £25 to £50 for our Business Account plans depending on the assets you hold and trading activity.

    • Can I use TrustVault on my laptop or tablet?

      Currently, we only support iPhone. You can view your accounts on other devices using a block explorer. In the meantime, we're working on making it possible to submit draft transactions through our web API for our customers' benefit.

    • Which phones are supported?

      TrustVault supports iPhones with Touch/Face ID. Here's a list a list of the ones we support: iPhone 5S (2013), iPhone SE, iPhone 6, iPhone 6 Plus, and all iPhones newer than above.

    • What happens if I get locked out of my account?

      We can unlock it for you - the process is called an account recovery. To request an account recovery, either contact us via the chat function on the App or our website, or go to

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