May 10, 2020

Digital asset custody: the key to institutional adoption

Digital Asset Custody:  What is the key to institutional adoption?

Fund managers may be attracted to add an uncorrelated asset class to one’s investment portfolio such as cryptoassets, but doing so requires that the maintenance of the security of those assets be thoroughly understood. Additionally, they require protection against regulatory risks and uncertainty, as well as market liquidity, before they will place their own, or their client’s assets, at risk in these highly volatile markets.

TABB Group Director Monica Summerville, Trustology’s founder and CEO Alex Batlin, IBM Technical Specialist Anna Shugol, Bitstamp Head of Business Development Miha Grcar and Koine’s Chief Risk Officer Francesco Roda go into digital asset custody, which has been described as the most significant missing puzzle holding back the inflow of institutional money into cryptoasset markets, during the CryptoCompare Digital Asset Summit in London. The panel discusses the needs of professional investors, including secure storage, and governance mechanisms that allow third parties, such as regulators and fund administrators, to receive information without compromising security.

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