Make secure custody your differentiator

Operate your own custodial wallet service with dedicated wallet nodes for your clients. TrustVault Platform is everything you need to deploy, scale and manage private keys and wallet accounts securely.

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Powering secure custody for:

  • Exchange


    Providing their own custodial wallet services.

  • Custodians


    Offering crypto assets to existing investors.

  • Asset Managers

    Asset managers

    Wanting to safely manage private keys in-house.

  • Financial Institutions

    Crypto community

    For crypto funds, corporates, issuers, investment services and miners wanting a secure, flexible solution.

Get to market faster

Deliver a best-in-class custodial wallet solution without the engineering burden of development costs.

Reduce overhead costs

Provide enterprise-grade wallet management at a fraction of standard industry OpEx costs

Scale with ease

Maintain sub one-second transfer times as you grow with our scalable, resilient platform.

Deliver real security

Provide trust for your entire encryption infrastructure. We use FIPS-140-2 Level 3 certified hardware that ensures every private key is completely safe, tamper proof and recoverable.

Stay compliant

Rest easy knowing that your KYC and AML requirements are being met via our signing and onboarding processes.

Customise everything

Configure TrustVault to fit any protocol and create bespoke multi-sig and security rules.

Matt Jacobs
"We believe that a hot-storage solution with strong security and programmable controls is necessary to develop a larger, institutional trading ecosystem around digital assets. With their extensive backgrounds working at major financial institutions at the intersection of blockchain, technology, and product development, this is just the team to build it."

Matt Jacobus

Venture Partner, Two Sigma Ventures

Global Compatibility

Speed and security across any cryptoasset or protocol

Quickly adopt new cryptoassets and protocols. Most custodial wallet services are limited to ETH and ERC-20 transactions — TrustVault can be configured to sign absolutely anything.

  • Instant Transactions

    Instant transactions

    Execute any cryptoasset transaction in seconds.

  • Secure Storage

    Secure storage

    Deliver hot-wallet flexibility and speed backed by hardware-level security.

  • Private Key Recovery

    Private key recovery

    Personal KYC and biometric checks to reactivate lost accounts.

You've Gotta See This
Custom Controls

A flexible library of controls

Customise TrustVault to fit any business case using our library of ready-made control functions, or create your own. Your controls are executed by immutable, smart contract-based apps that are completely immune to tampering.

Pluggable Architecture

Pluggable architecture

Building out a library of controls starting with whitelist.

Control Library

Control library

Access our extensive library of proven, customisable control functions.

Operating Procedures

Monitoring & alerts

Track performance and flag potential issues before they happen.

Monitoring Alerts

Operating procedures

We supply all of the required operating procedures and legal documentation.

Security Tools

Protocol-agnostic security tools

  • On-exchange Wallets

    Securing assets inter-exchange

    Advanced controls for managing on-exchange assets to help meet emerging investor and regulatory demands on funds who are expected to secure assets both on-chain, as well as on-exchange.

  • Advanced Biometrics

    Enhanced biometrics for fingerprint and facial recognition

  • Allowlists & Blocklists

    Define a list of wallet addresses that your team are able to transact with

    Programme your cryptoassets such that it can only be transferred to certain approved addresses. Define a set of whitelisted addresses that you and your team are able to send, receive and transfer from as an extra measure of security. Share any addresses, accounts or exchanges you want set up as a "blocklist".

  • Coming Soon


    Restrict wallet access to specific locations, such as your offices.

  • Coming Soon


    Set pre-defined time periods in which certain assets be moved.

  • Coming Soon


    Set exposure limits and split trades across multiple exchanges.

  • Coming Soon

    Safe mode

    Restrict certain users or wallets when suspicious activity is detected.

  • Automated Processing

    Cost-effective transfers

    TrustVault uses an automated three-step signing process to provide hardware-level security at hot-wallet speeds without human operators, making transactions significantly faster, cheaper and more accurate.

    Re Signing Anim
    • Trustvault
      <1 sec
    • Managed Cold Storage
      12 - 24 hrs

    Deployment Options


    Get a fully-supported instance of the TrustVault Platform, complete with white-labelled TrustVault app, dedicated HSMs within our data centres and API Services run in a separate instance of AWS Cloud.

    Hybrid Model

    Configure your ideal deployment, with options to self-host either our HSMs or API services with the support of our team.

    On-Premise Installation

    Have complete control of your solution. We provide a white-labelled version of the TrustVault app, the HSMs to live in your data centres and our complete API services to host in your own AWS Cloud. Then, we help set it all up for you with supplied software updates on a regular basis.



      Hybrid Model

      On-Premise Installation

    • Dedicated HSMs

      Our data centre

      Our data centre or yours

      Your data centre

    • API Services*

      Dedicated AWS Cloud

      Our AWS Cloud or yours

      Your own AWS Cloud

    • Support

      Dedicated hands-on

      Dedicated hands-on

      Dedicated hands-off

    • Software Updates


      Binaries supplied

      Binaries supplied

    • Mobile App

      White labeled

      White labeled

      White labeled


    • Dedicated HSMs Our data centre
    • API Services* Dedicated AWS Cloud
    • Support Dedicated hands-on
    • Software Updates Automatic
    • Mobile App White labeled

    Hybrid Model

    • Dedicated HSMs Our data centre or yours
    • API Services* Our AWS Cloud or yours
    • Support Dedicated hands-on
    • Software Updates Binaries supplied
    • Mobile App White labeled

    On-Premise Installation

    • Dedicated HSMs Your data centre
    • API Services* Your own AWS Cloud
    • Support Dedicated hands-off
    • Software Updates Binaries supplied
    • Mobile App White labeled

    *Note: Non AWS cloud data centres can be provided with an extended deployment time and implementation cost.

    Flexible Api
    Rest API

    A flexible API

    Seamlessly integrate any aspect of TrustVault with your existing platforms and portals to provide a truly ideal customer experience.


    iOS SDK

    Create your own custom-branded version of the TrustVault mobile app.

    Plug Play

    Plug & play

    Integrate your third party providers for KYC, AML, or anything else.

    Connect TrustVault to your:

    • Accounting

      Accounting software

    • Treasury

      Treasury management systems

    • Asset Management

      Asset management systems

    • Erp

      ERP platforms

    Compliance By Design

    Compliance by design

    TrustVault covers your regulatory and compliance obligations, providing ready-made Terms & Conditions and robust built-in KYC, AML and ID verification processes, including personal info, documentation, PEP, sanction and adverse media checks, and ongoing suspicious activity reporting.